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How to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Site (4 Easy Options)

The small icons that appear next to website names in browser tabs are known as favicons. Although your WordPress favicon originated there, it’s also used in other places like browser bookmarks, and more.

Benefits are:

  • Build an online visual identity for yourself
  • Enhances the user experience
  • Assists in the growth of your brand

How to Create a Favicon?

As a site icon, you can use your brand’s logo. The width and height of your site icon image should both be at least 512 pixels. You may use a larger image and WordPress can crop it when you add it, but the site icon image should be square. It must be saved in .ico format.

You can use online tools for creating a favicon such as RealFaviconGenerator, Favicon Generator and Favicon.

Method 01: Use the WordPress Customizer to Upload Your Favicon

All WordPress sites now have a site icon feature, which makes it simple to upload and crop an image for use as a favicon, as of WordPress 4.3. This is the easiest and fastest way for most users to add a favicon icon to WordPress.

All you’ll need is an image with a minimum resolution of 512×512 pixels. Go to Appearance -> Customize in your Admin area, then click on the ‘Site Identity’ tab.

Customize your theme

Next, you’ll get the option to upload your site icon/favicon:

After you’ve uploaded your file, press Save & Publish, and it’s done.

Method 02: uploading the favicon through your theme’s options page

Today’s themes come with an increasing number of choices, including the ability to upload your own favicon in some cases. The options page of your theme is, of course, the first place to look. If you can upload a favicon pic, that’s awesome!

You’re finished once you’ve uploaded the picture you’ve made. Remember to save your changes and reload the tab. There should be a favicon for your website. If you can’t see it, clear your cache; this should fix the problem.

Method 03: Use a plugin to add a favicon

There are many plugins which you can use to add a favicon to your WordPress site. The most popular, with over 200k active installations is plugin called “Favicon by RealFaviconGeneratorCheck here how to install the plugin.

Go to Appearance -> Favicon after you’ve enabled the plugin. All you have to do is choose or upload an image with a resolution of at least 70×70 pixels (ideally 260×260 pixels):

Method 04: Manually Add Your Favicon via FTP

You’ll need to do the following to manually add a WordPress favicon to your website:

  • Using an FTP client or the File Manager in your hosting cPanel to access your site’s files.
  • Locate your site’s root directory and upload the contents of your favicon package there (favicons.ico)

After that you can simply paste this code into your theme’s header.php file:

<link rel="icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />

Just replace with your site url.

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