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How to Fix an Error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS in WordPress (2 quick methods)

Your site may end up redirecting users to a URL that actually redirects them back to the referring URL due to a misconfiguration in one of these redirects tools. In that case, the user’s browser gets stuck between two pages, resulting in the error.

There are two methods to fix this error.

Method 01: Solve Too Many Redirects Error in Admin Dashboard

Navigate to Settings -> General in your WordPress dashboard to apply this fast fix:

Then you’ll need to check your WordPress Address (URL) as well as your Web Address (URL):

The location of your WordPress core installation is indicated by your WordPress Address. The domain you want users to type into their browsers to access your site is your Site Address. It’s important that they’re identical. They could end up in a redirect loop if they don’t.

HTTP(s) and www are examples of such elements. In other words, if your WordPress Address does not include www before your domain, your Site Address shouldn’t either.

If the contents of these two fields aren’t the same, make the necessary changes. Then, at the bottom of the Settings, press the Save Changes button.

Method 02: Change the WordPress and Site URLs Without Access to WP Admin

WordPress errors will often prevent you from accessing your Admin area. You won’t be able to access your general settings to search your WordPress and Site Addresses if this happens.

This means using FTP to make changes to your wp-config.php file (FTP). It’s always a good idea to make a backup of your web before doing something like this.

Then search for your wp-config.php file. Select View/Edit – from the context menu by right-clicking on it.

Search for:

define ('WP_SITEURL', '');
define ('WP_HOME', '');

Check that the URLs are identical; if they aren’t, you can change them. If these lines aren’t already in your wp-config.php file, add them above the line reading: That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing.

Save and close the file. You should reupload wp-config.php to your server.

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