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How to Install a WordPress Theme (3 easy methods)

There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes to choose from (both free and paid). As a novice, you may want to try out a few on your site before you find the one that works best for you.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll show you how to install a WordPress theme in detail, step by step. We’ll go through three different methods for installing a WordPress theme so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Install a Theme using WordPress Admin Theme Search

The most easy way to install a free WordPress theme from the themes directory is to use the built-in theme search feature.

The first step is to log into your WordPress administration area. Then, on the Appearance -> Themes tab, select Add New from the drop-down menu.

You can choose from Featured, Popular and Latest WordPress themes, search for a specific theme, or search for themes with specific features on the next screen.

By clicking the ‘Feature Filter’ button, you can sort themes by their attributes. You can sort themes by subject, specific features, and layout, for example.

Bring your mouse over the image of the theme you want to install when you see it. The install, preview, and information buttons will now be available. Proceed to the install button and press it.

WordPress will now install your theme and show a success message as well as buttons to ‘Activate’ and ‘Live preview.’

You’ve now successfully enabled and activated your WordPress theme by clicking the activate button.

Depending on the theme, you may need to configure additional settings preferences.  Your theme can, for example, request that you install recommended plugins or review settings. You can either follow the on-screen instructions or start customizing your theme by clicking the customize button.

Install a Theme by using the Upload Method from WordPress Admin

We just covered the first way, which allows you to install free themes from the theme directory. What if you want to use a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest, for example?

What if you want to use an unique style? In this case, you’ll need to use the upload method in your WordPress admin to install the theme.

Begin by downloading the theme’ file, which you bought from a marketplace. Then, in the WordPress admin section, go to Appearance -> Themes and click the Add New button at the top.

This will take you to the page where you can add a new theme. Since you already have the theme you want to install, press the top ‘Upload Theme’ icon.

You will be asked to choose the zip file that you previously downloaded. Click Install Now after selecting the file.

You’ll see a success message along with a link to enable and preview your theme once it’s been activated. You’ve successfully enabled and activated your WordPress theme by clicking the ‘Activate’ button.

Installing a WordPress Theme using FTP

To begin, you must first save the theme zip file to your desktop. Then you’ll need to unzip the file. This will generate a new folder on your computer with the theme’s name.

You’re able to upload the theme files to your website now that you have them. To do so, you’ll need to use an FTP client to connect to your website hosting account. After you’ve joined, navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ folder. You’ll find directories for all of the themes that are currently running on your website inside.

Pick and upload your unzipped theme folder from your computer to your website. You’ll need to go to your admin area and click on Appearance -> Themes after you’ve imported the theme.

There should be a listing for the theme you uploaded. Simply position your mouse over the theme you want to activate and press the activate button.

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