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How to Use IFTTT to Automate WordPress and Social Media

Are you wondering how can you automate WordPress posts to automatically publish them on social media?

Use IFTTT to automate WordPresss and Social Media

If this, then that (IFTTT) is a web service that allows users to link two or more third-party services together. IFTTT supports over 500 web services and offers a library of hundreds of ready-to-use applets that you can use to automate a variety of tasks in your day-to-day job. If an occurrence is observed somewhere, then an action is taken somewhere else, according to the paradigm “if this, then that.”

IFTTT means less plugins installed, more access to a large range of web services, and increased automation and efficiency in online activities for WordPress users.

With Applets, IFTTT allows you to integrate your services in amazing new ways.

Applets are interactive mini-apps that you can make to do stuff that your apps can’t do on their own. Your Amazon Alexa to-dos, for example, can be synced with your Google Calendar using an Applet. Alternatively, you can use Google Assistant to build events in your iPhone Calendar.


Not sure if your app or computer supports IFTTT? You can search by brand or product name, or browse their entire list of services.

Non-authenticated and authenticated service connections are the two types of service connections.

1) Applications that are not authenticated

Non-authenticated services are the easiest to link to because they don’t need an account or a password. It’s as simple as clicking the “Connect” button on the service page — that’s it!

2) Services that are authenticated

Authenticated services necessitate the use of a previously established account and password. To link an authenticated service, you must first log in to your account and grant IFTTT access to some information associated with it.

You will see what permissions you’re giving IFTTT when you authenticate a service.


You’re ready to unlock (or turn on) a published Applet once you’ve linked a few services. The quickest way to get your apps and devices to work together is to allow Applets. There are tens of thousands of Applets available for download.

All you have to do to unlock an Applet is click on it and tap the “Connect” button. Then, if there are any additional steps, such as setting up your location or selecting a specific day and time, follow the instructions.


Not sure where to start looking for an Applet to activate? It’s easy! On each service’s website, in the Explore feed, and by searching, you can find published Applets to unlock.

Do you want to read more about IFTTT or Applets? Tips and tricks, service updates, Applet sets, and more can all be found in the Explore feed.

Below is a list of possible use of IFTTT with WordPress

WordPress to Twitter
WordPress to Facebook Fan Page
WordPress to Facebook Profile
WordPress to Google+
WordPress to Tumblr
WordPress to Evernote
WordPress to LinkedIn
WordPress to Blogspot (Blogger)
WordPress to Diigo
WordPress to Buffer
WordPress to DropBox (Backup each post)
WordPress to Google Drive (Backup each post)
WordPress to Flickr
WordPress to Zootool
WordPress to Hootsuite
WordPress to Google Calendar
WordPress to Bitly
WordPress to Instapaper
WordPress to Read Later
WordPress to
WordPress to SMS
WordPress to Phone Call

And I’m sure the list will go on and on. A lot of those, by the way, could be reversed. RSS to WordPress, Twitter to WordPress, Facebook to WordPress, and so on.

IFTTT is a fantastic tool, and we’ve seen a lot of positive results from it. You can quickly uninstall a few plugins that might be running on your site and have IFTTT handle those tasks just by looking at the list above.

If you have any question, dont hesitate to ask.

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